BOX #1 - What's in the box?

So, you’re officially part of the Pretty Peachy family? Congratulations! Or thinking about it? Do it! You won’t regret it! Every one of the products you receive in your monthly box are hand-picked, tested and loved by us, meaning you will never receive anything that we haven’t been totally obsessed with for at least a month! We love our brand and every part of the process from selecting the items to hand packaging them to be delivered. This blog is here to allow you access into every pretty peachy box to see what we are all about and what amazing products you can expect each month!

In each box you can expect a variety of different items ranging from hair – care to skincare, makeup to sunglasses or jewellery and other beautiful accessories! Each month will be completely unique and we don’t duplicate, meaning you will never receive the same item twice no matter how long you subscribe for!

Accessory Number One - Makeup brush

This brush has been the staple in my make-up bag since I first got it, I am obsessed! although I didn’t originally purchase this to include in the box, after trying it I knew I had to share it! It is the perfect density for liquid foundation but also the right shape for blending stick foundation or contour and I use it for both, in addition It washes flawlessly, is super soft and doesn’t shed – what’s not to love! An added bonus is how beautiful it looks on my vanity table, the contrast between the shiny and matte chrome handle makes it the perfect addition to my brush collection.

Jewellery - Bangle

The key to the perfect clothing ensemble is accessorising with the perfect jewellery. Jewellery adds sparkle. It adds glamour. And it shows off our own style and personality. Like most things, our jewellery preferences change with the seasons but one thing that always remains is our metal preference! I wear multiple metals and mix and match based on what I’m wearing - over the years, gold has come in and out of fashion but for me personally I have always loved a little gold accent, nothing crazy (not a gold chain kinda gal) but something dainty with a little sparkle never hurt anyone.

Accessory Number Two - Makeup bag

Make up trends evolve and we are always adding and changing our make-up must haves, but something we will always need is a makeup bag. I am never one to follow trends but marble is definitely one I have fully embraced and this make up bag definitely ticks all my boxes! It is the perfect size, is lightweight and the gold detailing makes me so happy inside! I was able to cram it full of my all my make up for my recent holiday but now I use it to throw in my handbag for my day-to-day make up!

Make up - Eye shadow palette

When it comes to eye shadow palettes – I do have a problem. Its like an addiction – its hard for me to find the perfect one and as I travel quite a lot its so hard to find a palette that contains enough shadows for different looks but will also fit in my make up bag! Well, ladies, I have found it! This palette contains 9 eye shadows with a perfect mixture of 4 shimmer shades and 5 matte shades. It has 2 beautiful transition shades and the rest of the colours range from a deep flawless mauve to a shimmery bronzy – gold. They are super super pigmented and have very minimal fall-out. I have used this palette religiously since I got it and can’t wait for you all to try it!

Accessory Number Three - Socks

Is there anything better than coming home from a long day in the freezing cold and getting in your pj's and a pair of fluffy socks?! The socks you will receive in your box this month are not only fluffy, grey and extremely soft they are also… cat themed! I am beyond obsessed with these and have been wearing them nonstop since I got them. They wash so incredibly well and don’t loose their softness or fluffiness which to me, would be a deal breaker! They are perfect to slip on under a pair of boots or just wear in the comfort of your own home. Whatever way you do it – you need these socks!

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